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July 19, 2008
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NARUTEMA by thei11 NARUTEMA by thei11
Commission: NARUTEMA Naruto and Temari
Commissioned artwork by :iconriagain19: (soft shading)

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“When I got this commission I was like; Yehey! Another Naruto commission, but then I realized that this is something that is way beyond my expectations. As you can see Naruto and Temari here are a couple in Riagain19’s story. The description that was sent to me blew me away. It is one of the most detailed information about a commission project that I have received. It made me a little dizzy trying to think of a scenario that would best show Riagai19’s story and intention as a whole. I wanted the artwork to show a story that transcends famous pairings and fandom. I am a devoted Naru-Saku fan but I have no negative thoughts about this story, I am even intrigued by it. I am curious about what would happen IF these two were really the COUPLE.

I really enjoyed doing this artwork. It made me realize to not think of mediocre, selfless reasoning and immature acceptance to art and fandom. As Deidara would always say; ART IS A BANG. And this one really made a big explosion to me!!! :) "

Naruto Shippuden Arc by: :iconriagain19: (small part)

Naruto stood before Sakura for the first time in two and a half years. The changes in his wardrobe that he had began after the mission to wave now looked complete. Naruto looked nothing like the dead last, idiot of a ninja that he had started out as at the end of the academy. He was much taller now, nearly six feet instead of the shrimpy four foot nine that she remembered. Kubikiri Houcho was now strapped to his back rather than carried around in a scroll like before. The full sword was still taller than him, but with the handle disconnected it fit on him perfectly.

His face was almost the same as she remembered it. The only change was the loss of baby fat. His too blue eyes still glittered the way they always did. His hitai-ite was back on his head. Sakura found it odd for a moment. Naruto had worn the thing around his neck ever since Temari-san had put it there and told him that it looked better that way. She had said that it let his hair fall over his face. That thought brought Sakura to look at his hair and she realized why he no longer wore his hitai-ite around his neck. His hair was longer now, and where before it looked like a sea urchin on his head, now it fell over his forehead protector and framed his face much like it did in the pictures of Yondaime at the academy. Sakura smiled inwardly at the thought of Naruto's concession to Temari-san. He had always hated having long hair when they were younger. Now he wore it that way so as to be able to wear his hitai-ite in his preferred spot and still keep the look that the Suna kunoichi had liked.

He still wore his fishnet undershirt that he had picked up before the chuunin exam. The bright orange vest that he used to wear over it was now replaced with a black one with orange flames coming up from the bottom. Sakura was sure that if she looked, she would find an orange spiral on the back of it. Another new addition was a pair of segmented steel plate gauntlets that covered the top of his fists and continued up his entire forearm to his elbows. She could see hand wraps underneath the gauntlets, likely so as to prevent chafing from the metal. The tops of the gauntlets both had the spiral engraved on them.

Sakura was pleased to notice that the changes stopped there. Naruto still wore the same style of black pants and sandals that he had before he left. The leg armor that he had bugged Mitarashi Anko about was still in place. He still wore his weapons pouch on the right side of his back and his kunai holster on his right hip.
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Rather lovely.
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I have never been a fan at ALL of NaruTema. But after reading afew storys on fanfiction i have came to love this pairing. xD <3 favs all teh way
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